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Terra's late Grandmother Lorene Bald Eagle Bear has been a lot of her inspiration.  She dances in her memory and creates like Lorene created.  This photo is copyrighted by Christian Heeb, do not use photo without permission.

Terra has plans to expand her love for beading to become a full time artist.   She has a goal of preserving the historic designs and elements by incorporating them in contemporary pieces.  Her items are 100% Lakota made by her hands only.  Promoting Native businesses she encourages people to BUY NATIVE, support local and Native artist by buying from them directly. 

Our Vision

Our Story

Handmade Lakota items

​An award winning artist, Terra Houska was born and raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota. A lifelong, lover of Native American Arts, Terra has integrated her Lakota, Cheyenne, and Czech ancestries into her beading technique's  for the past 15 years. Learning to bead from her late grandmother, relatives, and friends, she has come to favor the 1850-1920’s plains beadwork designs.

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